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The weather changes fast - so can your tyre

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Install the zipper once

A simple one-time installation is all that is needed.

Take some air out of your tyre and then fasten the blue zipper part to your summer tyre by placing it between the rim and the tyre. This part can stay on the whole year. 

Now you are ready to zip on reTyre in seconds - when you need it!

Switch to a studded tyre at any time

reTyre is fastened on top of your summer tyre with our patented zipper mechanism. It is simple, safe and durable. The quality of the zipper is the same as off-shore survival suits.

  • A new way of thinking

    Our goal is to make biking easier, safer and better. reTyre makes it possible to change your standard tyre to a studded winter tyre within 30 seconds without removing the wheel. This means that you can bike with your standard tyre whenever it is dry and easily switch to a studded tyre on icy and snowy days. Your studded tyre will last longer and you will have a better biking experience.

    The concept is simple: you attach the zipper to your standard tyre and then you can take on and off the studded surface whenever you want.

  • Safe biking has never been easier

    With reTyre you don't need any assistance to change your tyre. Now you can always get home safely.

    When it only takes 30 seconds to change your tyre, you don't have to take any risks biking to the store with the wrong tyres.

  • Durable design and materials

    reTyre is made with a focus on safety and durability. It will last the whole winter on icy and salted roads.

    The wheel rotation will keep the zipper clean and smart design ensures that you are safe in case of a puncture.